360° Multi Digital Assets Ecosystem

ZOOZBIT’s ecosystem combines a traditional licensed bank, multi-asset exchange and with a variety of advanced crypto financial services for individuals, businesses, and institutional investors alike, all under one roof.

Based on a single registration process, ZOOZBIT offers its users a one-stop-shop for all Fiat and Crypto financial services with the ability to seamlessly transition from crypto to Fiat currency and vice versa.

An hybrid Tier1, fully featured, Digital Assets Exchange  |  read more

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Multi-Asset Exchange

BITZONEX is an advanced Multi-Asset Exchange and Trading Platform for institutional and private investors.
The BITZONEX platform allowing simple access to institutional grade liquidity and
features multiple trading marketplaces on a proprietary tier-1 matching engines infrastructure.

e-OTC, Risk control, Tax reporting, Capital allocation, Custodian, Algo Trading, ETF trading and issuing ...
Zero dependency on third parties in our ecosystem allows you to enjoy the lowest fees possible
Choose up to 4 types of identity-factors to log in to your account: Google Authenticator, SMS, Fido and Email.
First ever onine cold wallet! One click and your hot wallet becomes a cold wallet. No more hardware problematics!
We support most Fiat currencies. No more need for any third party intermediary.
Interact with a vibrant community of traders on our network news and a variety of social features.


A fully licensed bank

ZH BANK will be licensed and regulated financial institution. The license will be purchased from a national bank and implemented by ZOOZBIT according to the license requirements.

According to the license, after going through a KYC process, a user can open a bank account and perform financial activities. The bank offers custodian services, bank accounts, and e-wallets with Fiat-based Swift/IBAN transactions. All activities are managed through the bank’s website and the ECOZOOZ app. ZH BANK can issue Mastercard credit cards, which are tied to the ECOZOOZ Wallet. This means that although the bank itself manages FIAT currencies, through its connection to the ZooZ Brokerage service, the user can indicate through the EcoZooz app whether the transaction will be paid in Fiat or Crypto. 


Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anyhow

At the heart of the Zoozbit’s Eco-system is ECOZOOZ, which comprises a mobile app, payment gateway/brokerage, a crypto & fiat wallet.

ECOZOOZ allows seamless transitions between a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies as well as between a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

Supporting more than 150 digital currencies, ECOZOOZ acts like a multicurrency wallet that can facilitate financial conversions without the middlemen, its integration to ZOOZBIT’S Ecosystem provides our users to enjoy a vast range of possibilities and advantages from each segment and feature of ZOOZBIT.