A few words about us...

We are a group of Fintech & Capital Markets experts with decades of experience in the regulated FinTech markets, who are fascinated by the evolving Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies revolution and its impact on the global financial world. These technologies introduced a new era where the people finally can control their finances in a decentralized manner.

We have conducted in-depth research to identify the key players in this emerging market. As part of this process, we have analyzed their products and evaluated their trading tools. To our surprise, the competitive landscape was extremely fragmented between a growing number of crypto-trading platforms that offer only very complex products with limited access to the trading tools themselves.

The dissonance between the Blockchain technology’s main advantages (speed, transparency, reduced cost) and the disorganized crypto-trading environment means only experts could attempt to navigate these dark waters. This reality, which excludes less tech-savvy users and the masses, greatly limits the impact of this promising revolution.

Fueled by passion and vast experience in financial systems we set out to build an ecosystem that will unleash the Blockchain’s potential and created ZOOZBIT, a single ecosystem that supports all the necessary tools to reach crypto-trading’s full potential along with hybrid banking solutions, accessible to everyone.
Anyone can now join and become part of a revolution that aims to free individuals from heavily regulated markets and today’s complex crypto experience.

Since our foundation we have been continually adding new partners, eager to join ZOOZBIT, while sharing the same ambition to become one of the major players in the crypto-currency sphere.

Today, ZOOZBIT is proud to position itself not just as a crypto bank but as a Financial Ecosystem.





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